Horse Clinic about the Horse Language

Available at YOUR place until spring 2020 !

               Clinic at your Place !

With the years and experience, with all the horses that we met, with all the cowboys and horse people that we worked with here or in Canada and USA, we have gained some knowledge about the horse language.

The horse language is a "Language", like every other ones. Human should learn it to be able to communicate with horses properly. The chance is that, the horse language is really simple! Everyone can learn!

We decided this year to organize ourselves, Eddy and my-self with our two children and come to everyone who would like to receive us to help you understand your animal. It's a family matter that everyone is involved, you and us. Because this language can be talked by everyone to anyone!

Here is our road trip map. We have set some stops where will be doing the clinic for sure. From that, you are welcome to add you and your horse to one of those dates. If you prefer us to come to you directly, no problem! Just ask and we will make things happen.

We hope to grow this map and spread the words to every horse owner, so horses can be better understood! 

This apply to english or western horse people... a horse is a horse, no matter the discipline!

Thank you for your trust!


(Price : 500 sek per person, minimum 3 people or 1500 sek minimum)

New clinic booked :

And when do we come to you ?

Särestad Furulund 105
311 67 Slöinge, SWEDEN

Eddy: +46 (0) 705798646

Lou: +46 (0) 705799124

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