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With the years and experience, with all the horses that we met, with all the cowboys and horse people that we worked with here or in Canada and USA, we have gained some knowledge about the horse language.

The horse language is a "Language", like every other ones. Human should learn it to be able to communicate with horses properly. The chance is that, the horse language is really simple! Everyone can learn!

We decided to start organizing ourselves, Eddy and my-self with our two children and come to everyone who would like to receive us to help you understand your animal. It's a family matter that everyone is involved, you and us. Because this language can be talked by everyone to anyone!

We have done a road trip in 2019 accross Sweden and met many people and horses at their places. We really had the feeling that our support was needed and appreciated. So we keep going with everyone who ask us, during the whole year.

We are planning on a trip to France and Switzerland this fall. And why not your place?!

The conditions can be talked about with us. We want to stay available for everyone who needs us. It doesn't matter if you are an english, western or hobby rider, if you compete or need help with your daughter's pony. The horse language is the same for every horse, every discipline and we will be very happy to help you out!

Also, to answer some questions... You don't need to rent a stable or arena to receive us! We can help you in a field. We are giving you the basics of understanding and no need to have any accessories for that. 

The horse language is Simple! ;-) 

Feel free to contact us right now and we will organize a time at your place.

Thank you for your trust!



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