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This is why we have our hearts set on making your stay at the ranch as enjoyable for you as it is for us. We've buildt our life around the ranch and our animals. Our children grow up here and learn how to care for others and help out their parents when they don't ride their own horses. 

When buying a horse from us you're not only buying your new best friend, you also get life long advice from us who know the horse and can help you in your journey to getting to know him or her. When we sell a horse it's highly important to us that everything feels right and we will be there every step of the way to make sure we give you the horse you've always dreamed of. Don't hesitate to contact us for advices!

MEET Eddy, Lou, Dezy & Kenny !

" The UNDERSTANDING of a horse is related to the degres of our SENSITIVITY.

Many horse's problems are EASY to fix by just looking at them moving and talking their langage.

We think too much as humans and give no space for the horse LANGAGE.

We have to be able to understand how they COMMUNICATE to eachother. It is all about "pressure and release". This universal rule works on all animals and is simple to use ! 

Everything that we do around horses has to be our CHOICE. Our safety is the most important part.

The horse has to learn to RESPECT us. We have to listen to what he has to say. The horse langage is easy for us to learn, but teaching a horse our human langage is harder for them to ACCEPT

Believe in your capacity and let'r buck ! COWGIRL up! "







"During my young years in Switzerland, I was an English rider. I helped in a stable where every little girl was fighting for the same pretty horse. But sitting on his back, I was dreaming about something way different... I wanted to be a cowgirl.

When I was 20, I got tired of my life, so well organized. I left everything I built until then behind me and I bought my-self a plane ticket for Canada. Here started my real life... the true me began.

I first worked as a guide on horseback riding in some tourist places in Québec. I had fun meeting new people but i wanted more. Then at the same time i learned english, I traveled to Alberta. Overthere I had the opportunity to work with Loren Christianson (cutting horse trainer). Then i joined the so competent team of TopNotch Performance Horses. Theresa, Tim and the two Amandas (cutting and reining stable with starting colts and breeding operation) thought me a lot. And the one that really opened my eyes about the horse body langage was Brad Whittaker, the best horse whisperer that I know of.

But I wasn't finished with learning and decided to flew to Texas where i gave a hand to Sally and John Amabile at Fort Worth, in their reining stable. And on my way back to Canada again, I stop a few weeks working for Tommie and Karen Turvey and their trick horse training. There I had the chance to meet Josh and John Lyons for a nice talk. What a chance!

A nice stop for a few months beside New York city, in Pennsylvania State where I met Robin and William Jara at Black Walnut Stable. I took over their horse buisness a little and there, I had for the first time the feeling that I was able to train horses and people in horsemanship.

4 years after the beggining of my new life, I went back to Switzerland to do a 3 years vet assistant apprenticeship on horses. To pay my school I started to train horses and people in the western riding. I knew at that time that, what I was becoming felt right... finally.

In 2011, after loosing my mom from cancer, we decided with Eddy to raise money to help the European cancer league in Brussels. Here we went, across the countries from Switzerland to Brussels and back home on horses, packed as hell! Our road trip last 3 months, 1500kilometer and we got back home stronger than when we left. You can check our website which is only in french, sorry about that. But you can enjoy the pictures! Our knowledge of pack trips and long distance horseback travel is now a must and Eddy and myself are looking forward to share it with you.

Today, as a team with my husband, we opened an American guest ranch just like we had the picture in our dreams. Eddy is the best horseback guide that i know of and a great outdoor trainer. He makes sure people are safe and have enough fun while their stay here at the ranch. His background in the horse buisness is really making him a trustful cowboy. Sitting on the back of the horses before he even walked, taking over his dad's horse riding operation when he was 13 years old, he is today the name of our ranch.

And me, I so enjoy to share the knowledge I have build around those horse people's lives...

I love fixing problems between the rider and his horse and I can spend hours talking horse

body langage in my round-pen with a new fellow.

So if you feel that we can help you here in anyway,

ring a bell or come talk about it around

a cup of coffee by the campfire... "


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