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Megh Flash Plaudit !
Cross ApHC filly -22 
(for sale)

Granddaughter of the famous European Stallion
Eagle Wanagi Flash
and Fanny, our amazing and calm  brodmare!


🦄 Megh Flash Plaudit - ELR (for sale) ☘️

Megh is the grand daughter of the famous European Champion in many discipline Eagle Wanagi Flash, ApHC appaloosa stallion!

She is also the daughter of the most sweet and calm mare that we have Fanny.

In that way, she has heritate of the best temper and quality!


Megh is a strong built horse, that will grow up to about 153-155cm mature.

She has 2 blue eyes and an amazing body shape.

She is very well in her feet, confident and proud.

She is sweet and is always curious and generous. She will become a great ranch horse, working horse.


She will enjoy any type of place and is already so mature.

She is handled like every other adult horse, stay attached, loads, follows give feets, has been trimmed, and so on! 

(📌 NOTE : All of our foals live in group, outdoor, with other foals and mares together.
They have learned the correct communication between horses.
They have been manipulated since birth.
They have started to have the halter on them from their 6 months minimum, to not interfere with the horse language.
They have good manners and are safe to handle by us.
They know all the basics of the handling from the ground.)

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