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MaxiMouse Par Olena - ELR !
Cross APHA colt -22 
(for sale)

Son of the our famous Stallion
Poco Par Olena (lives on place)
and BabyDoll, one of our amazing brodmare!


🦄 MaxiMouse - ELR (for sale) ☘️

MaxiMouse is the clown of the gang!

Born in July 2022, at the ranch.

A beautiful palomino foal!

His mother is a 137cm, strong buckskin pony. His father is Poco Par Olena, an APHA stallion, around 148cm.

MaxiMouse has always been different from our other foals.

He is always thinking, trying to get the attention, making all he can to make us laugh.

He is a clown, always the first to come, to ask for massage or to follow around.

He has always been independent and very easy to teach or to be around.

A very easy horse, friendly and full of love to give.


He is now looking for a home, with fun things to do, to learn, to accomplish.
He will really enjoy all type of places, family, school, anywhere where he can be happy!

(📌 NOTE : All of our foals live in group, outdoor, with other foals and mares together.
They have learned the correct communication between horses.
They have been manipulated since birth.
They have started to have the halter on them from their 6 months minimum, to not interfere with the horse language.
They have good manners and are safe to handle by us.
They know all the basics of the handling from the ground.)