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Maestro Flash Plaudit !
Cross ApHC- APHA colt -22 
(for sale)

Grandson of the European famous Stallion
Eagle Wanagi Flash
and Acoona Flitz News, our amazing APHA  brodmare!


🦄 Maestro Flash Plaudit - ELR (for sale) ☘️

Pintaloosa foal, born here at the ranch, the 4th of May -22.

Son of Acoona Flitz News (APHA), son of Jumpy Flash Plaudit (ApHC) and also grandson of the multiple European Champion Eagle Wanagi Flash (ApHC stallion, ranch horse type / cow horse / cutting horse, about 150-155cm).

Maestro has all the talented and awesome bloodlines in him, to make him a future reliable champion horse in many discipline!

He is a very sweet foal today.
Careful and caring.
He first looks, understands and then acts.
He always take that extra second to secure one's back.
He is that way very nice to handle and work with, building trust with softness and refinement.

He is a very easy going horse.
He gets along with everyone.
He is independent and always make himself small.
He likes to stay in the back to enjoy watching the show 😉

He is going to become the perfect all around horse, English/Western.
A amazing family member!

We are now looking for a new home for him.
Friendly people, good friends and nice things to learn.

(📌 NOTE : All of our foals live in group, outdoor, with other foals and mares together.
They have learned the correct communication between horses.
They have been manipulated since birth.
They have started to have the halter on them from their 6 months minimum, to not interfere with the horse language.
They have good manners and are safe to handle by us.
They know all the basics of the handling from the ground.)