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Kiara of Colour !
Miniature Mare (CMF) 
(for sale)

Amazing and Safe miniature horse
for all activities
or places !


🚩 Kiara (for sale in Slöinge/Halland)

Double cream Dun tobiano mare, with 2 blue eyes, possible Homozygot tobiano and possible splash gene.

She was born in the spring 2020.
She is full pedigree CMF ( miniature horse ).

Kiara is the perfect mare to start a breeding with (awesome genetic!), or to become the sweetest family member, she is great around children ❤
She is also the first choice for a working place such as trick training, driving, or even better...therapy!

Kiara is a horse! Not a pony!
She has the capacity of a horse, the mental of a horse and the will of a horse!

She is curious, generous, happy, always fun and smart! She loves to be taking care of and loves children 💕
She is safe and has a really funny personality!

She has always been very used to the farm life, as well as having people around, kids around.
She loads easy and is a no problem horse!
You could have her in your living room, she will enjoy herself as long as she is part of your life!

Kiara is looking for a very nice home now.
She is truly amazing!
Don't miss that unique animal 🦄

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