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Fanny !
Cross breed 
(for sale)

Amazing all around mare, with a very nice color and body shape!


🦄 Fanny (for sale) ☘️

Beautiful Red Roan Tobiano mare from 2015, about 150-155cm.

Fanny is a well ridden mare, very nice and calm horse, easy family horse for all riders!

She has been ridden here in our group outdoor with all levels of customers.

She can do all types of discipline, she is very easy to teach!

She can fit all riders, teenager, grown up and is safe in all situations!
A perfect bombproof, therapy, family horse!

She is suited of her daughter who will turn 1 year, (also for sale) and they can be weaned anytime.

Beautiful and strong filly with two blue eyes.
Both are ready to start new stories! 😉

Come for her/them!