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Mc Poc'Olly Par Olena !
APHA colt -22 
(for sale)

Son of our famous Stallion
Poco Par Olena
(check his album)
And Holly DD Shade, an amazing AQHA fondation bloodline mare!


🦄 Mc Poc'Olly Par Olena - ELR (for sale) ☘️

Red Dun foal, born here at the ranch, the 9th of April -22.

Son of Poco Par Olena (APHA, working horse, about 150cm) and Holly DD Shade (AQHA Fondation, ranch horse type / cow horse / cutting horse, about 150).

Poc'Olly is such a powerful minded horse!
He has in him all the great bloodlines from his both parents...
Power, willing, endurance, capacity, strengh and a bit of "I will win no matter what" feeling!

He is not scared of anything! Always there standing strong in his hooves.
He is a warrior, he is born to be the best and to stay focus.
He will become the more talented and "willing to work his ass off" horse that you will meet! 😜

He is very much close to human's contact.
He really likes to be taking care of, to be scratch or just looked at.
He is handsome and he knows it ! 😛

He has the capacity to be in charge, to take care of it and to be the most reliable horse. He is a leader, like his both parents and that's his purpose of life. He knows from day 1, that he is born to be put in front. And he loves this.

He is also very fair, to horses and human. He loves things straight and he understands very quickly.
He is smart and doesn't need to think too long to get the answer.
He is a big pleasure to work with!

He will become the perfect working horse, English/Western.
He is a ranch horse, he can do everything that needs to be done.
He is THE horse of the place !

He is now looking for a home, with things to do, to learn, to accomplish. He wants attention and happiness. 💞

(📌 NOTE : All of our foals live in group, outdoor, with other foals and mares together.
They have learned the correct communication between horses.
They have been manipulated since birth.
They have started to have the halter on them from their 6 months minimum, to not interfere with the horse language.
They have good manners and are safe to handle by us.
They know all the basics of the handling from the ground.)