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Luno Par Olena !
APHA cross colt -21
(for sale)

Second son of 
Pepette and 
Poco Par Olena


Luno Par Olena (for sale)🌙☘️

🚩Born at EddyLou Ranch!

Son of our amazing Pepette and our super APHA stallion Poco Par Olena !
Born April 22nd 2021, beautiful black tobiano gelding, will be around 150cm adult.

Luno is elegant and soft.

He connects very easily with the tasks and with people.
He is playful and funny.

Always coming to us and giving love to everyone.
He has a smart sensitive mind, he is willing and careful.

He is easy to care for, easy in group and is a "no trouble" horse in every way.

We are now looking for a special home for him to start a new exciting life!

(His full brother Jet Par Olena and his 2 parents can be seen here at the ranch)

(📌 NOTE : All of our foals live in group, outdoor, with other foals and mares together.
They have learned the correct communication between horses.
They have been manipulated since birth.
They have started to have the halter on them from their 6 months minimum, to not interfere with the horse language.
They have good manners and are safe to handle by us.
They know all the basics of the handling from the ground.)

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